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Baseboards and Projects undertaken for Customers

Any size or configuration is possible as the baseboards are made to order.  Here are some of our recent projects for customers...


Hole in the Middle

A large multi-sectional baseboard for Hornby 0 Gauge, with an operating hole in the middle.  The overall size was 14’ x 8’, and was made to fit in a large garden shed.  The baseboards were made to fold away so they could be transported in an estate car or people carrier. 

One for the grandchildren!

A fold-in-half baseboard was used as the basis for this Thomas The Tank Engine layout.  The photos show how wiring can easily be threaded though the baseboard and round the folded section.  Adding the rolling stock and accessories is a quick and easy task so you can be up and running quickly to satisfy those eager youngsters!

Lower and Upper Level

This substantial 12’ x 6’ layout consisted of a lower section running Hornby Dublo 3-rail and an upper section running modern 00 gauge.  The two levels were joined by an embankment ramp which can be seen at the top of the picture.  Wiring was fed underneath to a convenient control area where switches and transforms could be located together..

Control Panel

This customer wanted his existing baseboard extended to include a thrid center section.  His track was laid to his own design including electric points and sidings with isolating sections.  A control panel was constructed using a prepared scematic of track layout.  Switches were installed to show the direction of the points.  LEDs were used to indicate 'live' siding and track blocks.

Multi-sectional Baseboard

This project comprised of two sections which folded in half to 4’ x 2’3”.  It was design to be easily transported in a small hatch-back car.  The foldable metal trestles provided an easy means of quickly assembling the baseboard where no conveniently large table was available to house the overall size of 8’ x 4’6”.

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